By Anne Meredith, Pre-Need Specialist at Maresh-Meredith & Acklam 


Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

It helps alleviate the emotional and financial burden on your grieving family by planning your own funeral in advance.

Do I have to come to the funeral home to prearrange my funeral?

No. I am more than happy to come to [their] house where they feel more at ease and comfortable.

How do I select my casket or funeral merchandise?

I have a casket/vault book...whatever you like and what fits your budget.

Are there benefits to setting funds aside for my prearranged funeral ahead of time?

Most definitely. You have, in essence, purchased a funeral at today's cost for a funeral in the future.

Am I protected if your funeral home goes out of business?

Yes. It states right on the paperwork that you retain the right to change your designated funeral home and beneficiary.

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